Do we need Sindh in India?

There are two opposite views on Sindh, India. A lot of hindu sindhis feel there should be Sindh, India. Their feelings are based on the fear that the Sindhi cultureĀ  and language will disappear if there is no Sindh, India. Also, they feel that the hindu sindhis will be able to identify themselves and feel motivated to contribute to Sindh, India. Exactly, opposite feeling prevails amongst others…who feelĀ  that even if Indian government carves out a Sindh state surrounding Gandhidam and Kandla, very few sindhis will move there as sindhis are well settled all over the world. Lets have your opinion.

2 thoughts on “Do we need Sindh in India?

  1. oh we would love to have a sindh,india.sure sindhis can have it as second home to live during holidays if they are working elsewhere.the retired sindhis can surelu shift there and help in reviving the sindhe language.
    the youth and children can be attracted to spend holidays there by having events planned and also learn the language n culture.

  2. In the event the government of India allots graciously Sindh in India,we would love to have Sindh.Just like other communities are all over the world,so are Sindhis.All others have a state in India.We Sindhis can have a small state as well.

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